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GBA Download ROMS

Download GBA ROMS and if it consists of a number of parts save all of them in the same directory. Example:

10/30/2004 01:49 1,500,000 Asterix & Obelix XXL (E) (M6).part1.rar
10/30/2004 01:51 1,600,000 Asterix & Obelix XXL (E) (M6).part2.rar
10/30/2004 01:54 1,700,000 Asterix & Obelix XXL (E) (M6).part3.rar

Now use WinRAR or PowerArchiver to open the RAR files and extract the rom from the archive. After you have done this you can use emulator or gba flash card to play the game. For ZIP files you do not need any kind of archive program as support for decompressing them is already built into the Windows XP.

RAR compression operations are typically slower than compressing the same data with ZIP, but a much better rate of compression is achieved whenever the data can still be compressed further. If the data is as tight as it can get, the RAR file may turn out to be larger due to computational overhead. In most cases, RAR compression is also more effective than Bzip2. 7z's LZMA algorithm, however, provides a tough competition for RAR and the winner in these cases strongly depends on the files being compressed. RAR is a proprietary algorithm, which could be counted against it if the comparison isn't made directly on the grounds of effectiveness. Both WinRAR and 7-Zip are still being actively developed.

On some websites you will notice that webmasters have used *.7z file compression. 7z is a compressed archive file format that supports several different data compression algorithms. The format was initially implemented by the 7-Zip archiver; both the file format and 7-Zip's implementation are publicly available under the GNU LGPL licence.7z format provides the following main features: Open, modular architecture (which allows any compression, conversion, or encryption method to be used) High compression ratio (depending on which compression method is used) Strong AES-256 encryption Large file support (up to approximately 16 exabytes) Unicode file names Support for solid archives Compression of archive headers

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